Nail Polish Haul

I’m not going to write to much about this polishes, but expect Nail of The Days to come up soon and mini reviews will be included in each one of those.

I got thee over the space of about 2 weeks, so I can’t remember the prices of them all but I’ll give you a rough guess.

Let’s start with Loreal. I got two Colour Riche polishes, and they were 2 for £7 in boots so the two shades that I got where:
501 mauve rendezvous


This comes off quite blue on camera but it’s a gorgeous two toned shimmery, dark purple colour.

The second shade I got was 305 Dating Coral


This comes of pretty true to real life colour, it’s just a bright coral pink colour.

Next I grabbed two Models Own polishes from boots. These were on offer but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was.

The first one I got was 118 Aqua Violet. Tis is from their bettor juice collection, which is a collection of duo chrome polishes.


This is a gorgeous duo chrome, with purple running through a dark blue base colour.

The second I got always a shimmer free polish in the shade lemon meringue


It’s just a lovely pastel yellow. I have yet to try it, so I don’t know the coats you need to get it to looked good but I will let you know.

The next two polishes are from Essie. I wasn’t planning on getting these but I have never seen them in store before so when I did I grabbed them. They were 7.99 each. I got a light blue colour in the shade 94 Lapiz of Luxury


I also picked up 99 Mint Candy Apple which is a fabulous mint green colour. I just hope it looks as good in the nails as it does in the bottle.


I also grabbed an essie top coat, called no chips ahead. I don’t really like it all that much but it’s not awful I would stick to my Sally hansen top coats from now on though. Tis was £8.99.


There are three more left: one is from Orly and it’s in the shade gumdrop. It’s a mint green but it’s darker than the essie one and the swatch in the store they had showed it dried darker Than it looks in the bottle. This was £5


I got a shade from Sally Hasen, which I’ve never seen in stores in the UK called 540 Frutti Petutie it’s a lovely bright pink with no shimmer or glitter or anything.


And last of all, it’s a polish from TopShop. This was £6 and it’s lovely! I’ve heard it’s a dupe for a Chanel polish but is a lovely blue green duo chrome colour. It’s called eclipse


Thanks for reading and look our for NOTD posts coming soon with these polishes. I have already done one with top shop polish, so go check that out.


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