Mascara Collection

I own way to many mascaras than I should but I can me just find that amazing mascara that does what I want so I’m always trying new ones. Here is just a short order view of each one and if you want a more I depth review of one in particular let me know in a comment or on twitter.

1) Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara (black)
I like this mascara, it’s okay for the top lashes but I cannot use it on the bottom lashes (maybe its just me). E packaging is cute, not that much different from any other Maybelline mascaras. The wand is a smooth curve and it’s get at doing what it says, that’s flicking out tho outer lashes. I would consider this again if it were on special offer or something like that


2) L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes – Luminizer (Hazel Eyes)
It’s an okay mascara but I wouldn’t get it again. It’s not just the colour, which I think is great but I don’t like the wand all that much and the excess wiper that is meant to be a pro to this takes to much mascara off the wand and makes it too much work to get a good coat of the stuff on your lashes.

3) Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara (black)
I hate this! I hate to y it but this mascara is rubbish. It’s hard to work with, the wand is far to it to do anything with your bottom lashes and you get so much mascara on the wand when you pull it out it’s sup messy. it’s just not worth the effort. To get really full voluminous lashes you have to work to hard and it’s far to messy to deal with everyday.


4) Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – Gold Edition (black)
I like this mascara. The wand is a little big but its not to wet that I can use it forms top lashes and my bottom lashes. I like that you can make it look super natural Or you can easily build it for a more dramatic effect. Out of all the Max factor mascaras that I have tried its by far the best one.

5) Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (Black Waterproof)
far to wet! I had to wait for it to dry out a little before I could even consider using it. I could put it on my lashes and blink once and it would be everywhere. it most defiantly in waterproof though. It takes some scrubbing to get this bad boy off you lashes. This, I have to say, is my least favourite Max Factor mascara.

6) Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara (Black)
This is an okay mascara and I would get it again if it was on offer. I don’t really like the price but everything is getting kind of expensive so I guess I’ll have to get over it. I don’t real,y se much of a difference between this one and the regular flash lash effect so I wouldn’t really be picky over having this one or the regular formula.

7) Bourjouir Rotating Mascara (Starting Black)
I like this mascara whilst the battery lasts. I found it I possible to find a battery to replace the one in it so I just didn’t bother and stopped using the mascara. the wand is great when it’s rotating but it’s not all that special when it doesn’t work. As for the packaging, this has only been in my makeup bag and the wiring has almost completely rubbed off.

8) Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (Black)
I have a full review of this so go check it out.

9) MUA Extreme Curl Mascara (brown)
This is a Very messy mascara! When you pull out the wand you get a lot of excess product that I usually wipe off on the tube and that makes it go everywhere. The wand isn’t really a great shape, it’s almost bent rather than smoothly curved and you get a lot of mascara of one particular section of lashes and not the rest. It tends to clump really easily to so I wouldn’t repurchase this.

10) MUA Lengthening Mascara (blue)
This really is a lengthening mascara. It has fibres in it that stick to the ends of the lashes and make them appear longer. I like this mascara for going over black and just giving it that pop of colour on the ends of the lashes.


11) MUA Lengthening Mascara (green)
The same really goes for this mascara. Its lengthening and h the same kind of fibres. I use this over black as well for a pop of colour. It does take a couple of coats to see the colour but it’s not to intense that it takes over you whole eye look

12) Nyx Long Lash Mascara (Electric Blue)
I love this! I love the formula. I love the colour. I love the price. I think I paid a fiver for this and the colour is super intense but not to bright on the lashes. I have used this on it’s own and over black and it looks great both ways. Its by far the best colour mascara I have ever used!


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