6 Beauty Must Haves

A Great Lipstick!

Go with the red or nude grand this season for beautifully bold or incredibly muted lips.
There is a nude or red for every skin tone out there.

A Great Lip Balm!

Stick with classic Vaseline or for troublesome lips try Dermilogica Age Smart Lip Balm

A Fabulous Moisturizer!

Choose a moisturizer that’s perfect for you skin.Test them out and choose one that makes your skin silky smooth.

A Hair Masque

Choose a masque that is great for your hair type. For those damaged ends try the new masque from Tresemme and check out Pantene for their various masques for different hair types.

Cleansing Wipes

I’d go with simple wipes. Not only are they cleansing but they take off your makeup brilliantly as well. They are perfect for any skin type, even those with the most sensitive of skin.

Coloured Kohl Liner

Try something new this season. I’m not saying you should chuck out you black and white liners but try something a little brighter this spring. Try greens or purples for a great pop of colour. MUA cosmetics do brilliant liners with a wide range of super pigmented liners. Try their pound range or their profession contour pencils that can be a used as a liner for the upper and lower lashes and as an all over colour bases on the lids.

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