Top 3: BB Creams

This is going to mark the first in a on going series I’m doing I this blog. I’m going to do a top three things in a number of health and beauty products. To being, I’ve picked BB Creams. These seem to be the new thing in skin care and cosmetics and nearly any store you go in will have one to try. Here a my top 3 picks and why I’ve chosen them.

a quick overview
BB cream stands for beauty balm or blemish balm and it originates from Asia.

the top three

1) Seventeen BB Cream


This is my personal favourite of all the creams I’ve tried. It gives the coverage I expected from a bb cream and it blends really well. I just put this over moisturiser and dab some concealer over the top and I’m good to go.

2) No 7 BB Cream


This is in the to 3 because of the range they offer. It’s not really the shade range, because I think they only offer the generic fair, medium and dark. But they offer differing formulas for normal, dry and oily skin. I think thats great for people who do suffer from extreme skin types, like dry and oily.

3) Garnier BB Cream


I’ve put this at number three because its not from a makeup brand, and more from a skin care specialist. I think this gives the skin care elements of the cream that little bit extra. It had a good SPF and brightening properties.

I’d go with seventeen! It’s great coverage (more than tinted moisturiser) and blends well. The only thing I would say is that you do need to set it with a little powder. Try Collection 2000 Loose Powder and a Real Techniques Powder or Blush brush.

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