Top 3: Cream Blushes

With the summer fast approaching, my cream blushes are making an appearance. I’m not quite sure why I feel summer is the time for cream blushes but I love them! So here is my top 3

1) Topshop Cream Blush

These are amazing blushes. the cream to order formula is a great combination between a powder and cream blush and the colours have great pigmentation. They are super blendable and look great on the skin. if I had to have one criticism it would be the range of colours. All the colours are very bright and if you wanted a more deep colour, you probably wouldn’t find it here.


2) Nyx Rouge Cream Blush

I have only tried one shade of this, and it wasn’t the best shade but the reason this blush had made into the top 3 is because of the formulation! It’s the best cream blush formula I have tried. It’s lightweight, super creamy blush that glides onto the cheek!


3) Natural Collection Cream Blusher!

this is a great cream blush. instead on coming in a pan form, this comes in a tube and you can, just squeeze a little out and dab it onto the cheeks and blend it in. It doesn’t have the biggest shade range but for £1.99 it’s a great overall blush!

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