Top 3 MAC Eyeshadows

Neutral: Patina
This is here, at number 1, because it’s the best mid brown colour I have. I love the golden colour it leaves on the lids. It’s nice colour, and brilliantly pigmented. It’s not too dark or to
light and you can wear this just as a wash of colour or for a smoky eye and it will still look amazing!

Colour: Cranberry
I chose this shadow to be on my top three because it’s a good colour and something that isn’t your usual brown shadow. I’m a total colour phob, I am way to scared to try anything different with my makeup but I think this colour is good enough that it gives a nice red tone colour over the lid but it’s not so bright or different that you are scared to wear it. Also, I saw Nic from Pixiwoo do a K.Stew tutorial with this and fell in love. You must MUST check it out.

Crease: Sketch
This is a gorgeous deep purple colour that I use lightly through my crease. It’s not vibrant or anything like that and it just adds a nice depth to any makeup look. It’s a velvet finish and has red shimmer running through it. It’s not to shimmery or anything though so don’t think you’ll look like a red disco ball!

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