Top 5: Scents for Him

1)      One Million

*Base Notes: Leather and Amber

*Top Notes: Fresh Fruit, Blood Mandarin and Peppermint

*Heart notes: Masculine Flowers, Rose and Musk

Overall: This scent is woody and oriental.  Specialists say that the scent is daring, irresistible and seductive. It’s at the higher end of drugstore perfume prices, but it’s worth it.

2)      Joop Homme

*Base Notes: Amber

*Top Notes: Orange Blossom

*Heart notes: Cinnamon

Overall: This is also a woody and oriental scent, and the specialist say that it has a sensual masculine feel, and that it’s slight provocative. The adverts for this defiantly say that about it the scent. It’s a great bottle and a great price.

3)      CK One

*Base Notes: Musk

*Top Notes: Bergamot

*Heart notes: Green Tea

Overall: This is a citrus scent, which is what makes it a unisex scent; at least it does to me. It defiantly is unisex though, and I know men and women who wear this. It’s a fresh scent that leaves you feeling refreshed. It’s defiantly iconic and it’s been gaping strong since 1994.

4)      Lacoste Challenge

*Base Notes: Teak, and ebony

*Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot and Orange

*Heart notes: Ginger, Lavender and Rosewood.

Overall: This seems super popular. It’s not one of my favourites but it’s ok. It’s a reasonable price for the name, and worth a try. It’s got an aromatic citrus scent, and those specialists say it’s got and energising and stylish feel to it.

5)      Diesel Only The Brave

*Base Notes: Amber, Leather and Ceaderwood

*Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarin and Coriander

*Heart notes: Labdanum heart, violet leaves and rosemary.

Overall: This has a strong feel to it and has the woody and oriental scent to it. If you cannot tell, I like those scents but I think they are great on a man. It’s not to bas a price, but it is heading to the top end of the prices in a drug store.

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