Primark Goodies! The NEW Summer Collection 2012

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I am a little obsessed with primark. I always end up spending way too much money and I have soo many clothes that I had to buy a new wardrobe. I defiantly hold a view that I would rather spend £50 in primark for loads of clothes, than spend £50 on one item in a higher end shop. So, I have just seen some pictures of the new collection they are releasing, and I just had to share my faves. I hope these hit a store near me soon!

The Aztec blouse is £10, which is pretty average in Primark and is pretty good for a chiffon type blouse. I love the Aztec print, and I love that it’s black and white. Some of these prints can be scary to think about wearing when the colours are so bright and in your face, so this gives you a chance to be on trend and comfortable.

The leggings are a favourite of mine because for 1, we all know that leggings are amazing. They are great on every body type and they are super comfy and easy to wear. I like this print because it’s not too intense but it still has some colour. I like that they are full length as well. At £6 they are a great buy.


The floral shoe is lovely. I have been looking for a flat floral shoe for quite some time. I have found a few designs but I refuse to pay a lot for these types of shoes. They don’t last that long in reality and I would rather have 3 pairs not last long that one pair of more expensive ones that don’t last long at all. At £4, these are a bargain and great for summer.


The heels are lovely. I remember seeing something similar to this in new look, and lusting after them. I would have got them from new look, but I have such trouble with their sizing. I have a high instep which makes sizing tricky. I have size 7 feet, but the size 7 is too small and the size 8 to big. Even the wide fit shoes are too small or the wrong fit. Shame really because New Look do tend to have bloody amazing shoes. Primark is great for shoes because I find the 8 fits perfectly, so if I see these I will be picking them up. I like the different colours and I like that the leopard print isn’t too much.

Some other things on offer include:

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