What’s In My Bag TAG

So first off hear is my bag


So this bag is from Primark, it’s was only about £6, and I love it. It’s not to big or to small. I can’t everything I need in it and it sits on the shoulder nicely.

Next up is my purse, this is also from primark and I think it was about £2.


It’s a super cute light navy blue colour with cream hearts over it. The inside is a bright coral red colour and it fits my cards and money so it’s just the right size.



The clasp is two hearts, and as you can see above, it’s super cute, it keeps the purse closed well, seeing as normally, with me at least, these kind of clasps don’t work in the best way.

I have a bit of an obsession with loyalty card. I think that it’s worth it, even if you don’t shop in the two much Because even if it’s only a couple times a month or whatever you can still buildup points or whatever.


Next up is my keys, which I don’t have a picture of but you all know what keys look like.

I keep two things of makeup in my bag. That’s a lipstick, and at the moment that is MAC blankety.


And the other thing is a lip gloss, and I have MAC Tendertone in tread gently in there at the moment. These two things lays change but it’s always a lipstick and gloss.


I have the worst memory, so I keep my work name badge in there all the time.


I also keep a USB stick in my bag. I think it’s time to take that out, because it was for uni but I have finished that for the year so I don’t really need it anymore.


I also have a pair of tweezers in here, I have no idea why but these ones a from superdrug of you want to know.


I keep a mirror in my bag. This is just a cheap one that I picked up at the checkout at Primark. It was only a pound and it works like any mirror would.


The last two things are a lip balm, which I don’t always have but I recently brought it so I put it in here after I brought it.


I usually have a boor my kindle in my bag, today it’s my kindle. I’m a little obsessed with reading, so I love my kindle!


The last thing is tic tacs. I usually have mints or gum but I saw this new flavour and grabbed it instead of gum.


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