Colour Stop and B4 U Colour Haul

So when I noticed that the Scott Cornwall stuff was BOGOF in Superdrug, I picked up the two treatments that id had been looking at for some time. They weren’t particularly expensive to being with, about £3.99 each, but I grabbed them when they were BOGOF because obviously its a better deal.

The first one is a ore colour clarifying treatment. The formula is silicone free (I assume that’s good?) and it says that it clarifies hair of surface buildup before you colour. (good times)

This is also good to remove temporary hair dyes (like wash in wash out colours) and to remove chlorine aft swimming. It’s suggested that you use it once a week, followed by the other treatment that’s coming up.



The second things I picked up was the after colour stabilising treatment, it’s a pH balancing and anti oxidation treatment that is meant to lock in a protect hair colour after you have died your hair. Not only that, it can used as a leave in hair sunscreen. The good stuff it contains includes honey, vitamin e and a uv protectant.



It seems that the ore colour treatment is a shampoo and the post colour treatment is a conditioner, and they both say they can be used once a week so it might be good for those who don’t have coloured hair but want a good clarification and sun/ uv protection on their head.

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