LOTD: A Book #1

LOTD: A Book


If you haven’t seen posts of these like these, this concept is Love of the Day! Sprinkle of Glitter (or Louise) has created the idea of people sharing their love of the day. Today (Wednesday) is a day to share you love for books. Sprinkle of Glitter herself choose The Goddess Guide, which I will be checking out.

I suppose my book is very different but I thought I would share what I am reading at the moment. I actually have two books on the go at the moment, and I can’t pick which one a love more. I suppose it would have to be Linger by Maggie Stiefvater just because I’m closer to finishing that but I am also reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. I will admit I brought this book a LONGGG time ago because of the movie, and now in my summer off of uni, I am going to read it!

These books are very different from one another! If you have Twilight fever, or love a soppy romantic werewolf book try Linger (or Shiver first as it’s the first in the trilogy). If you want a slightly more adult book, and maybe one with a film to go with it, try Water For Elephants. Even if you don’t like to book, you can watch the movie and stare at a pretty pretty Rob Pattinson!

If you have done this, please link it below! I love a good book and would love some more suggestions! My kindle is in dire need of some more books!

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